The Gardens of the Marina Grande Slope


Visitors to Capri usually disembark at the Marina Grande Port, and it is from here that you could start exploring the island's flora by taking a walk up the steep Strada di San Francesco, and reach the Old Town of Capri after about 25 minutes.
Terraces with "orchards": lemons, oranges, figs...
Besides a spectacular panoramic view, you will pass by what I call orchards - actually it is lemon and orange groves lined with huge white and pink oleander bushes, fichi d'India cacti and palm trees.
View down towards Marina Piccola
Reeds are also growing profusely among the garden plots.
Here we look up towards Capri Old Town
The citrus and olive groves are arranged on centuries-old stone terraces, interspersed with the ever present pine trees ("Pini Marittimi"). This is one of the oldest inhabited parts of Capri, since Roman times, whose emperor Tiberius lived here until the year 79 AD. He reinforced the natural bay of what today is Marina Grande, so that his Palazzo A Mare could easily be reached (a spot to the west of the current harbor), and Capri be connected to the Capo Misenum harbor across the Gulf of Naples where the Roman fleet was stationed.
View with a secular palm tree
But of course, you could also choose to go up the steep slope by funicular train (the so-called funicolare, taking up passengers since 1907).
Lush gardens with banana leaves