Garden views on my way towards Villa San Michele


Villa San Michele is by far the most renowned Garden in Capri, and I will dedicate a few posts to this marvelous garden later on. Here I would like to draw attention to its surroundings and the beautiful path leading to this famous place. Via Axel Munthe is lined with private villas, perfume stores, cafés, vegetable gardens and beautiful views of other gardens. Here I would like to highlight the gardens, secret and less so, along this narrow path leading towards Axel Munthe's famous house and gardens.
Viale Axel Munthe: A narrow road shrouded by lush evergreen plants and protected from the blazing summer sun by olive and oleander trees 
From the centrally situated Piazza Vittoria in Anacapri, take the path leading in the opposite direction of the seggiovia. Via Axel Munthe is such a relaxing walk, no cars, no bikes, just a narrow road, partly shaded by huge olive and flowering oleander trees in the summer, leading out into a green Mediterranean world, complete with cicades chirping along the way.
Tropical private gardens hidden behind wrought-iron gates, terraced paths leading towards the house along palm trees, laurel bushes, yucca, olives and even philodendron 
With the sun hiding momentarily behind the misty clouds, one can stop and admire the colorful hedera climbing up a fence separating this private garden from Via Axel Munthe, with date palms hovering in the background due to a little salty breeze coming up from the shores below
Bougainvillea climging up a wrought-iron fence, stone walls shielding private gardens, olive trees along the way
A vegetable garden with vines in the foreground and a view towards the sea, into the direction of Ischia
White-painted shops contrast with colorful flowers line the shady road towards Villa San Michele
Another entrance to a private villa, with a green iron-wrought gate and a shady path embellished by red geranium leading up to the doorstep. Look at the colorful stone flower mosaics lining the white walls.
Narrow alleys leading down towards Via Orlandi, with a scent of secret gardens everywhere ...
To be continued ... This is a first impression and sort of opportunity to relax and take in the sights, smells and sound of Mediterranean nature, before continuing along the path towards Villa San Michele.

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