An Anacapri home's garden in spring: Il Solitario


Trattoria Il Solitario, Via G. Orlandi 96, Anacapri: My first restaurant garden to be described - A hidden garden treasure, still so close to the main street leading into the centro storico of Anacapri. I came across an interesting review of this restaurant when going through the lonely planet guide on Naples, Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast. It actually says there ..." this is the nearest you will get to be invited into someone's home...tables are set in a small backyard with lemon trees ... the whole ambience is one of unhurried holiday time" Sounds very promising, and this is why I wanted to view this garden by all means. And this is what it looks like. A narrow passageway leads back to the house and a veranda and on to the restaurant. So first I thought this was misleading and leading to a private home ...
A narrow pasageway is leading back towards the house, white-washed house, low stone wsall, ivory-covered fence, pergola
With spring, my favorite season, now coming into full swing, this is what it looks like: An intimate, secluded spot in the midst of the white-washed house complexes of Anacapri. Yellow-orange flowers dominate in spring, in this garden just as everywhere else in Capri: catching all the reflections of the sun.
Yucca plants, lemons, ivory, ...
Ginestra, lavender, lilies just coming into bloom in mid-April, lemons all over ...
Yellow leucanthemum, yellow gazania plant in a terracotta pot, stones in the flower beds
Roses coming into bloom, and what is best - all this green beauty around here looks the same 12 months a year!!
Lemon tree, towering above rose bushes and a white marmor statue
White lilies in the midst of rose bushes. A very idyllical place to be enjoyed in this case also by the visitors

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