A view amongst aromatic herbs: Anacapri Belvedere


Just under the Garden of Axel Munthe's house in Anacapri, you can enjoy an exceptional view of the Gulf of Naples, all the way towards the Sorrento Peninsula from which Capri is 5.5 km away, and beyond towards Punta Campanella and the southern part of the Sorrento Peninsula, the Amalfi Coast, famous for its medieval villages perched above plunging slopes with near-vertical cliffs colored by Mediterranean macchia plants, citrus gardens and pinewoods.
Ivory-clad stone walls (above is Axel Munthe's garden) to the left, you continue walking towards the bend in the pathway ...
But let us start from where, being in a complete tropical environment with pine towering all over, you suddenly step forward and can enjoy the first part of the view - towards Sorrento and the Gulf of Naples, with the Sorrento towns perched above the vertically plunging tuffstone cliffs. 
From level 280 Meters above the sea, you can see the Sorrento Peninsula, with Massalubrense to the right, and to the left the protruding Punta Campanella (there is an off-shore marine park here, and marvelous hiking paths criss-crossing the tip)
Now Anacapri (the Gree prefix "ana" meaning "above") is located at an average of 150 meters above Capri, and from this particular belvedere you get the most wonderful and almost unhindered view towards the comune di Capri below. Above us, to the right, is Monte Barbarossa and beyond Monte Solaro (589 meters).
Vesuvius takes center stage, seen from the belvedere, protected by a stone wall overgrown with aromatic herbs like wild thyme and lavender that smell heavenly in the warm air, in this windstill spot, mixed with the more pungent pines.
Behind the pine tree is yet another captivating view of Capri itself
Down here is Capri's Beach Bagni di Tiberio looking out towards the Gulf of Naples
On the right-hand side is Marina Grande, Capri's harbor. The picture was taken in late August, so there are still quite a few yachts and boats around off the shore of Capri. You can see Punta Campanella, the tip of the Sorrento Peninsula, just ahead.
Capri's vertical northern shore ...
... and a detailed view of the gardens in Capri: white houses against a lush background of orchards, lemons, olives and the odd patch of purple bougainvillea

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