Capri Garden Previews 2013


Spring is back, and is our journey of discovery viewing garden treasures of Capri. Actually, it is not difficult to find beautiful motives, because it seems that wherever you go and turn, you are surrounded by green and lush gardens, groves or views of steep rocks covered by silvery green Mediterranean macchia plants.
Anacapri front gardens ...
This year we will focus on gardens in Anacapri, but also the small spots of vegetation along the roadside. And we will present orchards as well as famous gardens, finally we will enter one of the most well-known gardens of the World, the garden of Axel Munthe. 
Lesser known views of Giardino Munthe, Anacapri

We will also dedicate a few chapters to the endemic flora of Capri, present garden books on Capri and on Capri's specific architecture, and find out whether there is actually a difference between the two town municipalities of Capri and Anacapri?
Here is a preview of what is to come this year:

Just another private garden in Capri ...
Exceptional views of garden-dotted Capri
Capri orchards
Tucked away behind doors ...

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