The most quiet spot in Capri ?


Of course you would find that place to be somewhere between the trees, away from traffic. Here I have got the impression that the trees have absorbed every sound. Even my footsteps seem nonexistant here. What I do hear is the cicades chirping, but not a sound of voices, even though other people are just round the corner, but I see just lush trees and dark-green shrubbery. 
Just opposite the entrance into the white stone house of Axel Munthe, you get a view of Ischia half hidden behind the lush green lemon groves, oleanders, pines, olive trees and a hedge of purple bougainvillea next to the pathway
Here s the sign announcing the Villa San Michele, next to an oleander tree with huge white blossoms. Just continue that path leading you further into a green thick shrubbery
Here I am looking back into the direction of Anacapri, the house of Axel Munthe is to my right.
This is the scenario you can expect if you continue to walk past the most renowned garden in Capri, Il Giardino di Axel Munthe. It is a feeling of absolute calm and peace that I can recommend to anyone who has actually forgotten to unwind. Just concentrate on the scents and warm still air - mingled with pine scents, sheltering the visitor from the sea breezes that would otherwise be felt here. Take this short walk along here before you are ready to turn and walk into that famous garden just above, hidden behind a thick stone wall on your right.
Walking past the oleander-lined pathway, in between huge bushes of light and dark green laurels, and taking in the scent of the pines, on a wind-still day in late summer
On your way, make sure you stop and enjoy the view towards the sea and Ischia, embellished with huge white and pink oleander blossoms engulfing you with their scent reminiscent of vanilla
A jungle by the path - trees are getting lusher and encroach upon the path, to the right, the garden of Axel Munthe is shiedled by the veranda pathway overgrown with wisteria
Here I am looking back once again, before I turn and then be in for a surprise: probably the most beautiful view one can get of Capri, the Gulf of Naples and Sorrento Penisula and Amalfi Coast. To be continued ...

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