Palm groves along Capri's Via Camerelle


Did you know that Capri's most expensive shopping street is adorned on one side by gardens where huge palm groves abound? So Via Camerelle is not just shops but there are so many treasures to discover for plant lovers. So I would like to draw your attention not only to the beautifully colored pastel colors, including the darker and brighter rosso pompeiano color, but to the flower shrubs along its way, palm groves hidden behind the gardens leading towards the Certosa in the direction of the shoreline. Take a look at a few details that brighten up unexpectedly for many visitors this exclusive shopping area in Capri. To your left, yes there are those shops the street is famous for, but to your right, nature creeps in with an overwhelming Mediterranean beauty.
We start where Via V. Emanuele opens up into Via Camerelle, at the cross-roads where Hotel Quisiana is located. One of the typical Oleander shrubs trimmed into trees and a bougainville climbing up the facade are typical street elements here in Capri. After a leisurely walk of about five minutes, to your right, you can admire behind thick garden walls huge date palms, part of the Gardens of the Certosa.
Palms and pine trees, and below the sea with a view of the Amalfi coast
Pink and white blossoms between the dark green twigs of the oleander trees
Looking towards the Punta della Tragara, gardens lined with laurel bushes and the ever-present pink spots of bougainvillea and of course oleander trees ...
Another view of huge and lush palm trees, a palm grove behind a wall of laurel bushes
Another view from Via Camerelle into a garden where tropical plants, palms, lemon and olive trees abound, a violet creeper plant framing in the garden in an impressive manner

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