Sun-soaked gardens reflecting the green mantle of Capri


It is easy to become enchanted by Capri's sun-soaked gardens and bright colors overflowing with both endemic and tropical plants. The most typical and ancient gardens are those secret gardens tucked away behind walls that reflect Capri's atmosphere and spirit, and that guests can only envisage by glimpsing behind wrought-iron gates or above the white-washed walls.
The Capri environment and first impression is that of lush gardens abounding in various shades of green, just as Monte Solaro (Capri's highest peak, reaching 589 meters) is dived into various shades of the same color, with the odd bright spot of wisteria in spring, and bougainville and blue plumbago in the summer.
Capri gardens have been like this since the advent of the Romans on the island (emperor Tiberius built 11 villas on the island), holding and taming the forest and mediterranean macchia on the one hand and creating the classic elegance in gardens preferred by Roman nobility (you could see some example of Roman-style gardens in Pompei). The Capri garden tames the Capri Mediterranean macchia, enriching it at the same time with brighter cultivated species. 
In any case, to give you a first glimpse of what the gardens in Capri amount to, watch this short Video of a typical Capri street lined with bougainvillea taking you to Capri for a short walk among bougainvilla-lined walls.