Blooming orchards in Anacapri


So near to Piazza Vittoria, where people arrive first when they go up to Anacapri from the Marina Grande,  and the chair lift to Monte Solaro: take the road next to the chair lift station, Via Caposcuro, and this is the view you get at the end of March / beginning of April. In this direction, orchards stretch almost indefinitely to the eye. A light and humid breeze refreshes the clear morning air, and off you go amidst the stone walls further afield ...
Cherry, apricot and peach trees: Via Caposcuro: the farther you go, the more orchards you discover ... oleander trees not yet in bloom grow along the road
Early morning walk amongst orchard meadows, with the typical yellow flowers lightening up the soft new grass
Peach trees, in the far distance you can envisage the sea ...
Back at Piazza Vittoria you might be ready to take a cappuccino at Bar Columbus (the building to the left in the picture above)

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