Lush front gardens along Via V. Emanuele


It goes without saying that Via Vittorio Emanuele is one of the most renowned "shopping miles" in the old town of Capri, leading directly towards Via Camerelle. But here we take a look at this crowded place from another angle: what visitors focusing on shops might overlook is the surroundings, the blend of old-Capri Style (white-washed houses looking oriental) and lush tropical plants lining the declining street towards the Hotel Quisisana at the next bend below.
Old Capri style, white and pastel colored houses, with a side view of Santo Stefano

In summer, the steps leading up to Santo Stefano are surrounded by a "small garden" located in pots directly up from the Piazza

to th left, you can see the front garden of the Hotel Palma, with its banana trees and shrubs

The huge cactus on the front terrace of Hotel Palma