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Visible sign of climatic difference: Upon arrival you can see that Monte Solaro is hiding behind mist and humid clouds, even in summer
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thank you so much for stopping by at my Blog on Capri gardens. Or should I rather say, Capri itself is a garden island, consisting of both natural "wild" gardens, just take a look at the cliffs and rocks mantled with the most beautiful yellow flowers in spring and early summer, but also of tropical-style man-made gardens. Exploring them, and presenting to you what is actually possíble to discover for each attentive visitor to Capri is the aim of this Blog. Insightful books have been published on the expansive flora of the island, which shifts, based on its exposure to sun and wind, and also depending on the height. Just imagine that the flora on the often misty and cloud-shrouded Monte Solaro (589 meters high) is very different from the sun-loving plants and flowers that you find along Via Krupp which from the Giardini di Augustus Park leads down in several bends cut into the rock, to Marina Piccola Beach. By the way, this summer 2013 I have seen walking down tourists this path, whereas it was closed when I was there in spring.
View towards Marina Piccola: Il regno del sole - only hardy plants can survive in this sun-drenched environment
The flora of Capri is of course similar to that of the nearby Sorrento Peninsula and Amalfi Coast, but still - you will notice a difference in how the gardens are styled and decorated if you take a very close look. Showing you these differences, and exploring on what (Roman history) the garden styles in Capri are based is another objective of my Blog, because writing here for me is a journey of discovery as well. Plus, there are a lot of details which to my mind are the basis for Capri-style gardening. Look at all these ceramic path signs, which are veritable maps en miniature, the decorated ceramic and terracotta pots, the colorful tile pavements ... they are all intrinsic parts of gardens in Capri.

Colorful tiles are part of the "landscape": Here you can see 3 tiles fixed to the Casa Rossa in Anacapri
Typical decorative garden elements in Capri: Tiled stone bench at the Giardini di Augusto
I am not a Capri native but spent my childhood in Venice, so at least I am "accustomed" to the insular environment, though of course there are several stark differences between Capri and this town located in the midst of the north-eastern Adriatic lagoon.  Still, I am not a complete stranger in this part of Italy, as one of my grandmothers was born near Amalfi. 
I look forward to communicating with you via this blog, would be very grateful for your suggestions, questions and comments. You can also write to me: furbiziahs@yahoo.it. Please check out my Facebook Page "Le Due Costiere" and "Italian Breakfast Delights". You could also take a look at my other Blog on Capri, Capri Moda which explores the typical Capri fashion style and its history. 
I hope you will enjoy browsing through the pages of my Blog!! With kind regards, Iris
Flower jungle in Capri: Wisteria and oleanders blooming near Carthusia's perfumery next to the Giardini di Augusto

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